Fake Breitling Avenger II GMT Watch

The bezel may be the ingredient that really sets this watch apart for me personally. Using one singular bit of LASER engraved steel provides the whole see a unity and harmony missing in similar watches that utilise a printed aluminium bezel. The resulting appearance and interaction are clearly opulent.


Breitling’s Avenger II GMT replica will have the ability to inform you, with precision, the local timezone, your house timezone , time of the mix continental business call, your kid’s bed occasions, the outlet occasions from the world’s stock trades, the startOrencounter from the current World sports tournament or simply common GMT.
While examining the white dial of this replica I felt relieved to see that it is extremely well reproduced. The knurled motif bezel, the inner tachometric scale, the minutes indexes, the hour markers and the date window are exactly the same as on the original watch. The Breitling applied silver winged logo is correctly copied as well.

All these details would manage to convince anyone that we are dealing with an authentic Barnato Racing, if it wasn’t be for the small disc-type contrasting black counters. Even though these are placed at different heights shaping a modern 3D looking dial, just the same as the original design, the markings on the small three dials are very different when compared to the authentic watch.

When you buy a replica watch you must always research the company you are considering and the model you want to purchase. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an inferior knockoff that you can’t wear in front of other people, like this Breitling Navitimer replica watch.