Updating the Swiss Rolex Datejust Replica

The new Datejust that Rolex unveiled at Baselworld 2016 scarcely differs from the Rolex Datejust II. The similar design characteristics set Rolex replica watches apart from other brands. Learn more details in this feature article from WatchTime’s upcoming Special Design Issue 2017.


Rolex Reference 6062, from the 1950s, is a very rare exception to a brand that otherwise abstains from too many complications. One of only two Rolex replica models to feature a yellow gold triple calendar with a moon phase, the watch is nicknamed the “Stelline” because of the fabulous star-shaped indices.

We’d like to be more particular however, as these Datejust models can be tweaked by the purchaser all things considered. We favor the Champagne shaded embroidered artwork dial in the Datejust we simply portrayed. For those intrigued, we are talking Datejust ref.16233 here. This is the manner by which we would wear it. And you will never regret it!

More so than any other brand, Rolex successfully remained loyal to its iconic design, which has been kept essentially unchanged in some models for six decades, while simultaneously unveiling new models that are partially inspired by the existing stylistic treasury. An unambiguous and credible brand message, coupled with unmistakable styling, results in the inimitable design that sustains the success of the Rolex replica watch brand.