Rolex Replica blue black circle 116710BLNR watch

For the Replica Rolex GMT-Master II blue and black circle, I believe no one is unfamiliar with it. This has always been a popular model in the market. Out of stock is the norm. During 2019, Replica Rolex launched a new version of the blue and black circle with a five-bead belt. Of course, The old version has also been discontinued, but the market is as good as it is. The reason is that if you want to buy a Replica Rolex stainless steel GMT, but you want to match the combination of two-color ceramic ring and Oyster chain belt, this is the only one on the market. select.


The biggest feature of the Replica Rolex blueberry ring is the matching blue and black ceramic bezel. The nickname of the Replica Rolex 116710BLNR blueberry ring is also derived from it. Just like abroad, Replica Rolex 116710BLNR is also called Batman because it is very similar to Batman ’s clothing. “Batman”, in addition to many classic elements of the Rolex Replica watch, such as the Oyster case, Benz needle, large luminous dot hour markers, black matte dial, triple strap with polished shiny links in the center, etc.


The Replica Rolex blueberry ring has a diameter of 40 mm and is made of Replica Rolex patented 904L stainless steel. This steel has higher hardness and durability. It is matched with the ceramic material of the bezel. It has a 24-hour scale on the ring and can be rotated in both directions. The blue number ranges from 6 to 18 It means daytime, the black interval from 18 to 24 is night, with GMT pointer that can be adjusted quickly and independently. The dual time zone function is very practical for people who travel frequently.

The fake watches are equipped with a Replica Rolex-made 3186 movement, which is certified by the top observatory precision timepiece, which means that the time difference of the Replica watch must not be within -2 / + 2 seconds per day. The timing accuracy is high and it can provide 48 hours of power. reserve. As for the Replica watch chain, it uses the Oyster chain with Rolex’s patented Easylink extension system. The chain can pull a 5mm link to adjust the length. It can be adjusted slightly according to the size of the hand diameter. It is more comfortable to wear and waterproof. The depth can reach 100 meters.