Replica GMT Master II PVD

I was always in love with the elegant and modern Rolex GMT II PVD, and I have always dreamt of having one, but I just never got around to purchasing it. The main reason is its considerable high price. This is why a couple of months ago I have bought myself a replica of this beautiful black Rolex GMT II model. The original watch was created especially for pilots and for long distance travelers who need to simultaneously read the time of different time zones.



Clean and clear and looking good just like the original. I always like the two-tones better and this yellow gold and stainless steel two-tone does the trick. Bezel looks legit and the markings on it look good too. Markers and hands and the whole dial is well cloned. Date magnifier at 3 o’clock looks legit and the date clicks nicely when set. Bezel has a good tick when it rotates and the bracelet matches the original in full.


Case is brushed and polished and so is the bracelet. Back case has the old green hologram Rolex sticker that only adds to these by now vintage looks. Weight is good and it’s just such a fun and easy piece to wear. This is the kind of an everyday watch that you can literally sleep with because it’ll most probably match over 90% of your outfits.

The all black design of the Rolex GMT II PVD is definitely my favorite timepiece because it is modern and classy at the same time. It is a model with a lot of style and a fashion jewelry that adds an incredible appeal to the person wearing it. Now, after finally receiving my replica and wearing it for a couple of months I am positive that I have made the right choice. I have saved a lot of money by buying a good fake and I have also turned into reality my dream of owning this beautiful watch.

Honestly, I am quite satisfied with my replica in terms of style and aesthetics. What I just adore about this design are the simple lines, classy looks and luxurious details. Everything about the Rolex GMT II PVD speaks of a refined elegance and makes you want to own one.