Bell & Ross Carbon Replica Watches

This is what happens when you put your Bell & Ross replica watches in the back of your collection drawers… you forget about them! By some miracle I remembered my long lost replica Bell & Ross watch and of course that’s what I’m going to wear at least for two weeks from now on. This being said and planned I decided that I should pull your attention today towards three of my best Bell & Ross replica watches reviews. I remembered soon enough that they were mostly of Bell & Ross Carbon fake watches so here it goes.

Cool all black on black fake BR watch. It’s definitely a day piece as you won’t see anything on those dark grey hands and numbers and markers after it gets dark unless you get some light on it. It’s a fun and very solid replica Bell & Ross watch that’s so easy to accessorize being an all black on black sporty but unique design.


This watch comes with Japanese Quartz movements. The automatic movement gives the seconds hand a good sweep. It keeps time well and offers a good life span, especially if you wear it more often. This kind of movement is precise and has more than decent power reserve. It’s important to mention that the numerals don’t glow in the dark. That’s a pity because it would have made it look even more authentic.


The most casual Bell & Ross fake watch I reviewed on my blog and I must admit that the leather strap makes a big difference on the looks of this model. Just compare the two above and make your own feel of it. Automatic movement sweeps the second hand and another simple big and bulky and square replica Bell & Ross Carbon watch piece to check out.

Carbon fiber dial pattern and case coating make it look very cool and so unique. It even makes it feel bulkier than the other ones while it still has the same measurements.