Rolex Sky-Dweller Replica Watch, All Stainless Steel

This is one of the best Rolex replicas I reviewed on my blog. A cheap and good quality replica Rolex watch is always a good find and even thought this might not qualify as dirt cheap it really is a good deal when you realize that a Japanese movement, good quality, and very reasonably priced all stainless steel Rolex Sky-Dweller fake watch can look like this.


Nice fluted bezel on an all rose gold plated stainless steel case. The back case and the clasp are also rose gold plated stainless steel so all the details match really good in here. The markers and hands are polished rose gold too and you can see the Rolex engravings on the inner bezel in the picture above. Scratch-proof crystal looks good too and it’s well placed on the case. That chocolate brown dial kills it and it looks legit all the way.

It’s probably one of those not so easy to accessorize pieces but whether you match it with your outfits or don’t match it at all and let it stand out it’ll pretty much do the trick on it’s own. It’s one of those fake watches that need no introduction or flashing because they do it on their own. It’s a very modern rose gold piece and a very classic setting too, being made by Rolex.


In this Rolex Sky-Dweller  replica watch photo review we’re looking at a Japanese automatic, self winding movement with a power reserve of over 24 hours. Plenty for an everyday wear or even during the weekend. It’s a very cool and unique and different piece that’s for sure but the movement gives it plenty of reliability and adds up to the looks.

If you’re after one of the new fake Rolex classics as I like to call them then the Sky Dweller is definitely a piece to look into. They come in three versions and this is the simplest of them all being an all stainless steel piece. Again, original is full-on white gold so make sure you know this detail as it is very important. Sticker price is way north of $40k but this baby was around a fifth of that.