The Introduction about Rolex Datejust Replica Watch Series

In 2009, finally Rolex Datejust replica comprehensive upgrade, mainly in the size and movement of modifiers, including the original 36mm upgrade to a modern male form of 41mm, but interestingly, the original 36mm size continued production, but now it is a bit like being categorized into the design range of the female form. In addition, in the past sculptured bezel design, the new Datejust II is magnified as a feature, mainly because the case should be enlarged so that the bezel is bound to follow the bold, however, Datejust II version currently only have sculptured circle As no sculptured ring style, only to choose from the original Datejust up.

One of the most important upgrade, of course, is the new movement Rolex Datejust II replica 3136, for the first time with Paraflex shock absorbers, following Parachrom, the newly added parts escapement movement, Rolex replica, said the overall elements related to past due Paraflex Gabriel shock absorbers exactly busy, but at the top of the shock absorbers to design different shapes superstructure, its lines are obtained after a rigorous calculation of the Institute’s conclusions provide shock absorbers five percent higher than in the past ten performance.

Replica Rolex Datejust II replica chain with comprehensive design instead of three sections, the original five-Bead no longer see, easy-adjust buckle patent Glidelock system, easy to fine-tune details of the wearer. The introduction of the silver face plate, green time scale models, Rolex Datejust II replica is the most visual effects of a past Rolex never specially marked to commemorate the release of what style is, most only together with the new launch, for example 16610LV, 116718LN, 118348, etc. etc., but more can be found from a different face plate design.

However, this section Datejust has launched 64 years, and perhaps do not really have any memorable, but the collection market, specially designed Rolex Replicas valuable Datejust II is considered one of the most worthy.