Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa replica watch for Watch Fans and Admirers of Prada Brand

Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa is a limited edition watch that marks the partnership between Hublot and Longines replica watch which started in 2008 with America’s Cup. This design was received with great enthusiast by both watch fans and admirers of the Prada brand. This type of collaboration between a prestigious watchmaking company and fashion designer such as Prada is quite unusual in the luxury watches world, but the refinement and modernity of the Luna Rossa special edition timepice turned it into a best-selling design.


When you are buying a Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa replica watches, check the dial very carefully. Make sure the color, texture and pattern of the dial is very close to the original one. Simply take a photo of the original watch and compare it to the one of the replica. If there are differences these will be easy to notice when you put the two photos side by side. Then, check the markers. This very important, but small detail is off many times. Make sure the replica markers are identical to the ones of the authentic Luna Rossa.


Also, replica manufacturers do not use real titanium or carbon fiber. They use very similar materials that have the same look, weight and texture. Of course, some are better than others, just as the finishing and the level of details vary from merchant to merchant. Take a close look at the bezel, “H” screws used to attach the bezel to the case, pushers, case and strap. Make sure these are correctly replicated, that the level of detail is accurate.


If you pay attention to all these essential parts of the watch then you will surely identify a very good Hublot Big Bang Luna Rossa replica watch, one that will look great with your outfits and won’t cost a fortune. Sure, I understand that quality costs, but I just can’t wrap my head around this idea: why does a watch cost as much as a car?