Is Cheap to Buy Replica Rolex In United States? How Is Market price?

Rolex Air-King replica watches are well known international reputation is very loud. Replica Rolex watch is how the origin of it? Replica Rolex (Rolex) are well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis company, by German Hans Weiss Dov with the British Davis in 1905 and in London in partnership. 1908 by Hans Weiss Dov registered in Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds renamed ROLEX. After a century of development, with headquarters in Geneva, Rolex company has 19 branches in major cities of the world there are 24 service centers considerable size, with an annual output of about 450,000 watches, become very large market share One brand-name watches.

But it is also a high-end positioning of non-ordinary people afford. So many people will choose to go to the United States where purchasing goods for parity in the country in terms of units, the United States is a special case. US excise tax no uniform standards, and independent of the retail price to pay separately. Because the US federal system, each state’s tax policies vary, even if the purchase with a watch, there is not a small difference in the United States will, for example, in the sunny beaches of California shopping, you need to pay 8.25% of the tax, then Los Angeles 9%. Five tax-free states in the nation, only Delaware (Delaware), New Hampshire city state (New Hampshire) and Oregon (Oregon) state and local taxes are 0%.

In the international market, a price of ordinary Replica Rolex Air-King replica watches from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000 range, although expensive, but people still believe that value for money, this is not only due to the excellent quality of Rolex Replica, but also because it has a unique investment value. An auction held in Geneva in 2002, the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai a worn section of the 1952 calendar Replica Rolex gold watch at auction in Geneva has photographed 342 000 Swiss francs (then about $ 235,400), together more than 200 million yuan. EXPLORER Oyster watch was the first one watches Everest, considered the brand’s entry-level product, priced at about $ 39,300.